These Enhancements are Included in the CommandIQ App:  ExperienceIQ™ – Advanced parental controls enable you to set limits on screen time, content, and access to specific websites and apps. ProtectIQ™ – Advanced security features keep a lock on your network and alert you of suspicious users, hackers, viruses, or malware. Once you have Managed Wi-Fi, […]


Get more for your money with a package!    Free features such as Unlimited Data, Wi-Fi extenders, and extra TV boxes are only available in a package. You can subscribe to all the WesTel Systems advanced services you want for one low monthly price. Have one convenient bill to pay each month for a worry-free […]

Website Privacy Policy

Who we are Our website address is: What personal data we collect and why we collect it Contact forms If you submit information to WesTel Systems through a contact form on this website, we will retain that information for a certain period for customer service purposes. We do not use the information submitted through […]


Notices we must provide to TV customers can be found here: CVAA Notice   Public Inspection Files: Northwest Iowa Anita, IA Nebraska   Truth-In-Billing Requirements The Television Viewer Protection Act Of 2019 imposes restrictions on the way TV providers advertise and bill for video services. Click on your area to see the detailed information on […]

Managed Wi-Fi

Home Wi-Fi shouldn’t be a pain to use — with rooms that only get weak Wi-Fi signals, periodic internet disconnections, router malfunctions, or security worries. If you’re stressing over your Wi-Fi on a regular basis — and having to reboot your router more times than you can count — sign up for Managed Wi-Fi.  With […]


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