Voice Mail is a state-of-the-art service that records your messages and plays them back to you over the phone when you’re ready to listen to them. You can check your messages from any touch-tone phone. Plus Voice Mail can take messages even when you’re already on the phone. You will have no tapes, no plugs, […]

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We offer a per-minute plan when others are only offering a block of minutes. Only pay for the minutes you use. TERMS & CONDITIONS Download

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Watch TV Everywhere

Here. There. TV Everywhere. TV Everywhere allows you to watch your favorite programming on your terms–and best of all, it’s free with WesTel Systems TV subscription! Go to HOW DO I USE WATCHTVEVERYWHERE? REGISTER: Select your TV provider WesTel Systems (hint, type a W in the box then arrow down) click on Submit. Click on […]

Closed Captioning Compliant

Closed captioning allows persons with hearing disabilities to have the audio portion of a television program as text on the television screen. For captioning problems during non-emergency programming, you may file a complaint with WesTel Systems. Phone: 712-786-1181 Fax: 712-786-1185 Email: Mail: P.O. Box 330 Remsen, IA 51050 You can also file your complaint with the FCC’s Consumer […]

Secure Your Wireless

DON’T LEAVE YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION OPEN FOR OTHERS Steps for securing your wireless router Open Microsoft Internet Explorer and type in the address to configure your router, as described in your router’s instruction manual. The address and password you use will vary depending on what type of router you have, so refer to the instructions […]

Tech Home

There are more Internet-connected devices in the home than ever before. While these devices are meant to simplify and add enjoyment to our lives, they often cause frustration and increased complexity. Keeping your devices and personal information secure can be challenging, and getting timely support for technical issues is nearly impossible! Tech Home is Technology […]

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Phone Service You Can Depend On Landline telephones are a safe, reliable, cost-effective service to use. They won’t lose service or lose power during an outage and you don’t have to worry about dropped calls or unclear sound. Landline phones are an easy, hassle-free way to ensure you stay connected to your loved ones in […]