Community Involvement

Community Monetary Donation Guidelines


We are proud to help support the communities that we serve. Each year we determine our donations budget on the number of services purchased in each town. The more WesTel Systems services sold in that area, the bigger the Donations Budget.
WesTel Systems reserves the right to change or alter the donation guidelines at any time without prior notification.


Eligibility Checklist

Funds must benefit the WesTel Systems service area.
Potential grantees should be nonprofit organizations, a recognized government entity, a K-12 public or private school, a church or faith based organization with a project that benefits the community at large.
The organization must be our customer if they have a facility that can have our services such as a community center, legion, daycare.


Funding Exclusions

Funds cannot benefit one person or family, nationally-sponsored organizations, political causes, or be tickets for a contest or raffle.
Capital campaigns must be submitted to the CEO.
Each organization can only receive two monetary grants per calendar year.


How to Apply

Fill out the request form below.
Donations will be reviewed and an award decision will be made after 3 weeks of request.


How to Request Additional Funding

Local organizations can apply for the Foundation for Rural Service Grants, please visit to see if your project qualifies.

Iowa organizations can apply for the Aureon Charity Grant Program here. Please note that applications should be for non-profits within the state of Iowa. Grant applications will continue to be due quarterly (March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31)


College Scholarships

High School Seniors can apply to the Foundation for Rural Service Scholarships here.

Iowa High School Juniors or Seniors can apply to the Aureon Scholarship as a customer of an ITC here.

Nebraska High School Seniors can apply for the WesTel Systems Scholarship by contacting the Logan View guidance counselor.


Where We Donate


  • Alton Chamber of Commerce
  • Anita Easter Egg Hunt
  • Anita Economic Development
  • Anita Fire Department
  • Anita Public Library
  • Anita Sesquicentennial
  • Anita Town and Country
  • CAM School
  • CAM Yearbook
  • Christ Lutheran Church Remsen
  • Dodge County Ag Society
  • Elkhorn Valley Golf Club
  • Floyd Valley Hospital
  • Foundation for Rural Education
  • Freemont 4-H Expo
  • Friends of St Mary’s Ball
  • Grand Meadow
  • Hooper 4th of July Celebration
  • Hooper Area Community Foundation
  • Hooper Car Show
  • Hooper Fire Department
  • Hooper Fun Run
  • Hope Angels
  • Iowa Communications Alliance
  • KC Phonathon
  • Little Royals Daycare
  • Logan View Boosters
  • Logan View Post Prom Party
  • Logan View Scholarship
  • Logan View School
  • Logan View Wrestling Club
  • Logan View Youth Ball
  • Marcus Chamber
  • Marcus Chamber Golf Tournament
  • Marcus Christmas Sleigh Ride
  • Marcus City Sign
  • Marcus Fair
  • Marcus Fair Cooking School
  • Marcus Fire Department
  • Marcus Golf Club
  • Marcus Trail
  • Mid Sioux Opportunity
  • MMCRU After Prom
  • MMCRU Boosters
  • MMCRU Dance Team
  • MMCRU High School
  • MMCRU Royals Scholarship Dinner
  • MMCRU Yearbook
  • Nebraska Telephone Association
  • Niggeling Improvement Project
  • Noah’s Ark Daycare Center
  • Plymouth County Pheasants Forever
  • Quimby Fire Department
  • Quimby Ragbrai
  • Quimby Town and Country
  • Quimby Watermelon Days
  • Remsen Chamber
  • Remsen Chamber Golf Tournament
  • Remsen Christmas Sleigh Ride
  • Remsen Easter Egg Hunt
  • Remsen Economic Development
  • Remsen Fire Department
  • Remsen Golf Course
  • Remsen Youth and Recreation
  • Royals Youth League
  • RSM Activity Club
  • RSM After Prom
  • RSM Remsen St Mary’s School
  • St Mary’s Church Auction Alton
  • St Mary’s Parish Auction Remsen
  • Sutherland Commercial Club
  • Sutherland Labor Day Celebration
  • Then Feed Just One
  • Uehling Area Business Club
  • Uehling Labor Day Celebration