Managed Wi-Fi Makes Life Easier

Your home Wi-Fi shouldn’t be a pain to use. Furthermore, with rooms that only get weak Wi-Fi signals, periodic internet disconnections, router malfunctions, or security worries, the frustration can be overwhelming.  If you’re stressing over Wi-Fi on a regular basis – and having to reboot your router more times than you can count – it’s time to sign up for Managed Wi-Fi.

Fast and Reliable Internet in Every Room

Managed Wi-Fi includes the equipment and services you need for excellent Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. Moreover, everyone can enjoy an enhanced online experience, whether streaming movies in the living room or working from the home office. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to simply enjoy using your Wi-Fi network without having to stress over it. Plus, you won’t have to worry about security or troubleshooting, since with Managed Wi-Fi, we manage it all for you.

Managed Wi-Fi Router - Gigaspire Blast

Managed Wi-Fi Includes:

  • Rental of the ultimate router with up to two Wi-Fi extenders*
  • Installation of router and extenders for optimal Wi-Fi coverage
  • Connection of up to five of your devices to your network
  • Remote support to handle most common Wi-Fi issues
  • Responsive onsite support by our technicians when you need it
  • Repair or replacement of our Wi-Fi equipment (if required)
  • Free CommandIQ® app with ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ enhancements to better manage your Wi-Fi network — whether you’re at home or on the go

*Up to two extenders are included for WesTel’s residential customers who receive Managed Wi-Fi free with our Xperience Package or Works Package. All other residential customers will pay $9.95 per month for Managed Wi-Fi router and will be charged $4.95 for each extender needed.

CommandIQ app - shows home and usage screen samples


Take Command of Your Network With CommandIQ

As a Managed Wi-Fi customer of WesTel Systems, you can download the free CommandIQ app to easily manage your network and its usage from any Android or iOS device. Additionally, you can view the people and devices using your network, establish bandwidth priorities, create a guest network, and more.

 These enhancements are included in the CommandIQ app:

  • ExperienceIQ™ provides advanced parental controls, empowering you to set limits on screen time, content, and access to specific websites and apps seamlessly.
  • ProtectIQ™ gives you advanced security features to keep a lock on your network and alert you of suspicious users, hackers, viruses, or malware effectively.

You may qualify for FREE Managed Wi-Fi:

  • Managed Wi-Fi is free for WesTel’s residential customers with our Xperience Package or Works Package.
  • Managed Wi-Fi is available for $9.95 per month for all other customers. Additionally, if your home requires any extenders to achieve the desired Wi-Fi coverage, each extender is $4.95 per month.
  • If you have our Xperience Package or Works Package, Managed Wi-Fi we automatically installed Managed Wi-Fi for you.