Enhanced Business Phone

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Enhanced Business Phone is the right choice for modern businesses.
There is a cost savings to you as compared to traditional service and features.
The equipment is more affordable than a traditional PBX or Key system.
There is less equipment at your location and you can move the phones yourself. The installation is simple after the initial installation.
The service is always available despite local conditions. Many business are needing this for a survivability or disaster recovery option.
The phones work anywhere there is an internet connection.
You can have multiple locations and extensions work just like you are in the same building.
Work at home or on the road.
Enhanced Business Phones integrate with cell phones, PCs, and tablets.
Individual user web portal and administrative portal.

Complete suite of features are included in the cost:

  • Station to station dialing
  • Voice Mail with text and email notifications
  • Call groups
  • Calling tree
  • Auto Attendant
  • Multiple Call Appearances
  • Busy Lamp Fields
  • Conference Bridge
  • Shared Line Appearances
  • Bucket of Long-Distance minutes