Voicemail Features

Mailbox Features

Multiple Greetings
You may record up to nine different greetings and select the active greeting. For example, with this feature, you can record a regular greeting and an ‘out of office’ greeting.

Out Dial (Transfer to Another Number)
This allows the caller listening to a Voicemail greeting to transfer to another local pre-programmed number. Example: “Leave a message or press zero to be connected to my office phone”.

Out Dial Administration
Allows you to manage your own Out Dial number. You simply call the Voicemail administration number and access the setting within your mailbox setup.

Spanish Prompts
You can choose either the English or Spanish language for your phone interface (applies to menus and prompts that you hear). You make your selection the first time you log into your voicemail box, but you can change it at a later time.

Distribution Lists
Allows you to forward or send messages to a distribution list. The system supports up to 99 lists per Voicemail customer.

Automatically Forward Message to Distribution List
Allows you to configure your mailbox to automatically forward all voicemail messages to a distribution list. Every message left in the voicemailbox will forward upon receipt.
Manage Lists via telephone You can conveniently manage your private Voicemail distribution lists via telephone interface.


Recording Messages (Caller)

Busy Greeting 
When the line is busy and a call is forwarded to Voicemail, the system announces, “The party you have reached is on the phone” before playing your custom greeting.

Edit Message
Edit Message allows the calling party to listen to their message, re-record their message, append to the end of their message or to cancel the message. After callers hear the custom greeting, they will hear, “When you are finished recording, press # for further options or simply hang up”.

Message Tagging
When leaving messages, callers have the option to tag their message as:
Urgent – Message is played to you first (before other regular messages).
Private – Message cannot be forwarded.
Acknowledge – When the message is retrieved, notification is sent back to the caller.

Record Message for Future Delivery
You have the option to record a message and schedule it for future delivery.


Retrieving Messages (Subscriber)

Envelope First
Envelope data refers to the date and time of a recorded message and the Directory Number of the calling party. This information plays the envelope data before the message.

Announce Caller
The announcement of the calling party’s Directory Number.

Full Mailbox Warning 
It notifies you when your mailbox is full and warns that new messages will not be recorded until messages have been deleted from the mailbox.

Reply to Message
You can reply to a message directly to a mailbox without having to phone the person who left the message.

Message Forwarding w/ Introduction
When you forward a message, this feature allows you to record an introduction to the message before it is sent to another mailbox or to a distribution list.

Send/Forward Message to Multiple Mailboxes
Allows you to send or forward messages to multiple mailboxes at one time.

Undelete Messages
When you delete a voice message using the telephone, it will not be permanently deleted until the session is closed. While retrieving messages, you can “undelete” a message by returning to the main menu, playing the message again, and then saving the message.


Message Notification Features

Daily Notification
You can program a phone number and time for the system to notify you if you have received new Voicemail messages.

Pager/Phone Notification
This allows you to receive notification via pager or another phone of all voice messages, or just those marked “urgent” (Voicemail subscriber’s option).

Continuous Paging
The Voicemail system will continuously page you three times until all new messages have been retrieved.

Sequential Notification
Allows you to configure your service to attempt to notify a series of phone numbers when you receive new messages.

Edit Sequential Pagers
Subscribers using the sequential notification feature can change their numbers using the telephone interface.


System Features

Auto Login 
This feature lets you call the Voicemail system from your subscribed phone without needing to provide your mailbox number and password. You can enable or disable the feature.

Message Waiting Indication
When a new message is left for you on the voicemail system, it activates stutter dial-tone or message waiting lamps.

Force User Password Change
You need to change your password the first time you log into your voicemail box, but you can change it at a later time.

Express Messaging xxx-5901
Allows you to call xxx-5901 where you can leave messages specifically for any mailbox without ringing their phone. When calls come in to the Express Messaging number, the service prompts the caller to enter the mailbox they want to leave a message for.


Optional Service Compatibilities

Date & Time
You can select an announcement of the current date and time.