At WesTel Systems, it’s our mission to ensure we provide you with as much support as possible. It’s important to us that your experience with any of our services is seamless and smooth. Which is why we’ve created the below table of contents to assist in answering some of the more commonly asked questions we’ve heard in the past.

You will find answers to questions surrounding retransmission fees, TV troubleshooting, programming your remote with your TV, internet troubleshooting, telephone troubleshooting and more! Just scroll down and click the topic that seems closely associated to your question.

If you’ve scanned through our below troubleshooting steps and still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our local support team so we can help address your needs in a timely manner.

FAQs Regarding Retransmission Fee

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A: To cover the expense of this portion of your TV Service.

A: This fee reflects the exact rate we pay to over-the-air broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, as mandated by law. While these networks are available for free over-the-air transmission with an antenna, we incur costs to legally carry them through our service. This fee ensures continued access to these essential channels and helps us fulfill our regulatory obligations.

A: We pay a fee for every network delivered to your TV whether you watch it or not.

A: We are required by law to carry these networks.

A: Those were considered “out of market” to your town. We are required to carry the channels that are considered “in market”.

A: If we didn’t delete some channels, your bill would go up even more. ($12-15)

A: Try these websites.


American Television Alliance


TV On My Side (link on our website)

A: Contact the FCC and Congress.


FCC – Federal Communications Commission
1-888-225-5322 (1-888-CALL FCC)


Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20554



Sen. Charles E. Grassley

Senator Joni Ernst

Rep. Randy Feenstra

Rep. Zachary Nunn


Sen. Deb Fischer

Sen. Pete Ricketts

Rep. Mike Flood

Rep. Adrian Smith

A: It is always good to use your own words. Here are some discussion topics to get you started.

  • Support “local choice” by updating our TV rules.
  • I want to be able to see how much local TV channels cost and decide for myself which ones I want to pay for.
  • I’m paying more than ever before for TV that is free over an antenna.

TV Troubleshooting

If you experience trouble with your tv, before requesting repair, please test your inside equipment. These tests may save you time and money.

You may want to add cable TV maintenance to your service. If the trouble is found to be with your inside wiring or equipment, you may be charged for the service call.

  • Is the TV plugged into an outlet controlled by a wall switch?
  • Is your set-top connected to the cables from the wall?  Is your HDMI/AV cable secure to the box and tv?
  • Is the problem with your remote control?  Check the controls on the TV.
  • Are other appliances off due to power outage?
  • If the problem is only on one channel, it is likely a temporary station problem.
  • The problem could be with your TV if:
    • The screen is dark or is lit but does not have snow.
    • Popping/cracking heard when the volume is on low.
    • If you have no color or loss of sound.
    • If the problem is on one TV set only.
  • Is the tv on the correct input?
    • HDMI 1, 2, 3 or source – which one is the HDMI or AV cable going into on your tv?
  • Does your box have power (red light on the front)?
    • If no, if you have another set-top box in the house try that power cord on this box to see if it works.  If that fixes the problem, call our office and request us to drop off a new power cord for you
  • Not getting all your TV channels
    • Press the Favorite button (above the #2) and make sure the Subscribed Channels are highlighted
  • Closed captioning you want it on or off
    • To add or remove closed captioning press # key under the 9
  • Are your other services working?  Yes – check the ideas above
    • No – find your battery back-up that was installed in your house and make sure there is a green light on it – make sure it is plugged in and that a breaker has not been blown to cause there to be no power to that outlet
  • Are you seeing on your screen “Press the OK button”?
    • This means somehow your remote has gotten into the wrong function
      • Press the STB button at the top of your remote.
      • Press OK
      • Your tv and set-top box should be working correctly now

Program Your Remote to Your TV - DVR Remote & Big Button Remote

Program Your Westel Remote To Your TV (DVR Remote)

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. With the Westel remote, press TV button once, it will flash once.
  3. Press & hold SETUP button….TV button will flash once & then 2 quick flashes
  4. Type 991
  5. Press POWER button
  6. Press & release the CH up (CH +) button repeatedly, do this step kind of slowly. Then stop when the TV turns off. Be patient, this may take several minutes to find the correct code.
  7. Press & hold SETUP button…TV button will flash & then 2 quick flashes
  8. Press TV button again
  9. Press & hold SETUP button…TV button will flash once & the 2 quick flashes
  10. Lock Master Power…press 995, then press POWER, then press TV, then press & hold SETUP button until the TV button flashes twice
  11. Press STB button
  12. Press & hold SETUP button…STB button will flash once & then 2 quick flashes
  13. If you don’t get it programmed the first time, you can start over with the instructions

Big Button Remote (New)

  1. Press and Hold the SETUP button until it blinks twice
  2. Press the TV POWER Key
  3. Press and hold down the OK/SELECT Key
  4. Let go of the OK/SELECT Key when the TV turns off.

You may also download these instructions.

watchTVEverywhere FAQs

Please remember that watchTVEverywhere can bring TV programs to your computer or mobile device, but it does not include unlimited bandwidth. By utilizing this service, you may incur additional costs from your cellular or broadband provider. Make sure you understand the terms of your service plan prior to use.

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A: Nothing. At this time, there is no extra cost for watchTVEverywhere so feel free to explore. There is nothing available at this site that will result in an extra cost to you (except overage charges from Internet or cellular service).

A: watchTVEverywhere works anywhere you can receive an Internet signal: inside your house, at the office, shopping mall, hotel, airport, vacation home, etc. Wired connections and in-home WiFi will provide the best quality.

A: Almost all watchTVEverywhere programs are available on PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android phone. Several TV Networks are also now available on Apple TV, Roku, and XBox. However, some TV networks have not made their programs available on all devices. Visit your device’s app store and search by the network name for available applications.

A: Once you are registered, you can watch any watchTVEverywhere program as long as you are a subscriber to that network. For example, you must be an A&E subscriber to watch A&E’s watchTVEverywhere programs. Different networks make different programs available at different times. Each TV network makes their own decision about what to make available on watchTVEverywhere.

Yes. We are working with many different program providers to expand the number of networks and the number of programs available. When logged in, you will see them automatically when they are added.

There is no limit to the number of devices you can use. However, TV networks may limit the number you can use at the same time.

Internet Troubleshooting

If you have trouble enjoying your Internet, try these troubleshooting tips. Select a tip, below, to learn more.

  • Are you plugged in to power and ethernet jack? Are all the cords connected from the modem, tower and monitor?
  • Have you ran a virus scan?
  • Have you ran a spy-ware scan?

  • Do you have a pop-up blocker on? Some websites will not work if you are blocking pop-up windows.
  • After you check all of your settings, it is a good idea to restart your computer. This seems to fix a lot of problems automatically.

  • Test your internet connection speeds with this online speed test tool.
  • Follow the instructions listed below the speed test tool for best results.
  • If you are still having trouble, call the Internet Help Desk at 866-937-8350 or email at

How do I set up WesTel Systems Email on my portable device?

The following instructions are a step by step process to set up your WesTel Systems’ email address on your portable devices. The first set of directions are for those with Apple products, and the second is for those with Android devices.

Select a device, below, to read the directions.

  1. Tap the settings icon
  2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Tap on Add Account
  4. Tap on Other
  5. Tap on Add Mail Account
  6. Enter this information
    1. Name: Enter your name as you would like it to appear in the “from” field of your outgoing messages
    2. Email Address: Enter  your full email address (
    3. Password: Enter your email password
    4. Description: You can add an email description if you would like (WesTel Systems Account)
  7. Tap IMAP tab
  8. Tap Incoming Mail Server
  9. Enter this information
    2. User Name: Enter your email address (
    3. Password: Enter your email password
  10. Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server and Enter this information
    1. Host Name:
    2. User Name: Enter your email (
    3. Password: Enter your email password
  11. Tap Save
  12. If a screen comes up that says “Do you want to try setting up the account with SSL?” Tap no
  13. Tap Save
  14. Tap on your email account
  15. Tap SMTP
  16. Tap on Primary Server box
  17. Tap on the button with the Use SSL to turn it off
  18. Tap the advanced box
  19. Tap on the button with the Use SSL to turn it off
  20. Make sure the Server port is 110, if not please enter it
  21. Tap the name you have given the account tab in the upper left to go back
  22. Tap the mail tab in the upper left corner to go back to your mail settings
  23. Push the home button to finish

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Application button.
  2. Tap the Email icon.
  3. If this is the first time you are setting up email on your phone, enter this information
    1. Your full email address (
    2. Your email password
    3. Choose IMAP for type of account if prompted.
  4. Tap Next
  5. If you have setup any email previously on your phone
    1. Menu button
    2. tap the Add Account button
      1. Enter your full email address (
      2. Enter your Password
      3. Choose IMAP for type of account if prompted.
    3. Tap Next.
  6. Enter the following Incoming Mail Server information in the spaces provided.
    1. Username: Enter your email username (
    2. Password: Enter your email account password.
    3. POP server: Enter
    4. Security type: none.
    5. Port – Enter 110 (should be default)
  7. Tap Next.
  8. Enter the following Outgoing Mail Server information in the spaces provided.
    1. SMTP server – Enter
    2. Port: 587 (should be default)
    3. Security type: TLS or START TLS (accept all certificates)
  9. Tap Next.
  10. Tap Finish.

Choose IMAP for type of account if prompted.

Phone Troubleshooting

A: Line Maintenance covers the cost of a service call for a WesTel Systems’ technician to troubleshoot problems with your telephone. This will cover the cost of labor involved in fixing the problem. Line Maintenance does not cover the cost of materials, the installation of customer equipment, or the cost of repairing customer equipment such as phones.

If you experience trouble with your telephone, before requesting repair, please test your inside equipment. These tests may save you time and money.

You may want to add line maintenance to your service for a fee. If the trouble is found to be with your inside wiring or equipment, you may be charged for the service call.

Step #1: Are your phones hung up properly?

Step #2: Are you having problems with more than one phone?

Step #3: Take the phone outside to the protector. Use a screwdriver to open the cover. You will see a modular telephone plug – unplug the plug from the jack and plug in the phone. If you get dial tone when the phone is plugged in at the protector, the problem may be in the wiring inside the house or with a phone.

Step #4: Try unplugging all phones, answering machines or other devices plugged into telephone jacks in your house. Do you have an answering machine or cordless phone? Be sure to unplug all phones both at the electrical outlet and at the phone jack. When all phones are unplugged, plug them back in one at a time to check for dial tone. Try the phone in a different telephone jack.

If you have tried all of the above steps and it still does not work, please keep in mind the problem could be the phone itself. If possible try a different phone and repeat steps 3 and 4.