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You can create and change messages for others to hear when they dial the assigned number. Daily messages, weekly messages, service announcements, etc.
You have the option to reject calls with intentionally blocked calling name or number display information.
To automatically recall the last party who called or attempted to call you, simply dial code *69.
You can transfer all incoming calls to another telephone number.  Preselect a second telephone to automatically receive all incoming calls. Note that calls transferred to a long-distance number will incur a long-distance charge on your telephone bill.
Allows a person to have incoming calls forwarded to another predetermined number if the called number is busy.
You deviate all incoming calls to another directory. Distinctive Ringing allows the forwarded station to distinguish between forwarded calls and any regular incoming calls.
Allows you to have an incoming call forwarded to another number if you do not answer after a preset number of rings.
You can create a list of phone numbers to forward when they call you. When you activate this service and a call arrives from a phone number that is on your list, it forwards the call. All other calls will ring your phone as usual.
Allows you to activate/deactivate Call Forwarding features from another location when you are away from home.
You can use Call Hold to put a call on hold to initiate a second call, answer a waiting call, consult privately with another party, or return to a previously held call. If you establish a second call, you may alternate between calls. Please note that you cannot combine the two calls in a 3-way conference.
A subscriber with Call Transfer (includes 3-Way Conference) can transfer an established call to another line by performing a switch hook flash, receiving a special dial tone, dialing the third party, and disconnecting at any time after dialing. We will bill the call transfer subscriber for all transferred calls, even for charges incurred after disconnecting. The call transfer subscriber can transfer any call to any other station, except when the resulting connection would be between outgoing trunks.
Lets you know someone else is calling when you’re using the telephone. You hear a beep tone. If you ignore the first beep, there will be a second one in ten seconds. The party calling you hears only the normal ring.
Cancel Call Waiting allows you to cancel Call Waiting before or during a telephone call.
Call Waiting Deluxe alerts you with a beep during a telephone conversation when another call is waiting to be answered. It also enables you to view the Calling Party’s name and/or phone number, date and time (if available) while on an existing call. Your conversation briefly pauses (less than 1 second) while receiving this information. You need a special display device located on or next to your phone to view the calling name and/or number, date and time.
Caller ID Block allows you to dial *67 which will prevent your phone number from being available to the party you are calling on a particular phone call.
This feature permanently blocks your line, preventing the party you are calling from seeing your name on all phone calls.
Lets you see the calling party’s phone number before answering a call. A special display device located on or next to your phone is required to allow you to view the calling number. Lets you see the calling party’s phone name (if available) in addition to number before answering a call.
Do Not Disturb allows you to prevent incoming calls from ringing at your station by diverting to a recorded announcement. Only callers who have you Personal Identification Number (PIN) can override the Do Not Disturb feature and ring your telephone.
Allows you to automatically place a call to a pre-selected number by simply lifting the receiver off the switch hook. The pre designated number is dialed immediately.
WesTel Systems creates a single message to play when the assigned number is dialed. Change of phone number, new phone number, etc.
Originating Call Management (OCM) service gives customers over originating calls their telephone. Customers can select originating call types, including International, 10-10-XXX, operator handled, long distance and local, and designate them either “allowed” or “blocked.” Specific numbers can be marked as “always allow” or “always block.” Additionally, the service offers a Personal Identification Number (PIN) override, allowing blocked calls to be completed on a per-call basis. WesTel Systems provides a PIN that customers can change via the web or via the telephone through voice response.
With Personal Ringing, you can assign unique ringing patters to up to three telephone numbers. The rate applies to the second and third telephone numbers with unique ringing pattern. These numbers remain unlisted in the directory, making this feature ideal for a home-based business or teen line.
Similar to Personal Ringing, this feature allows listing the number in the directory while still enabling unique ringing patterns for up to three telephone numbers.
Allows you to have distinctive ring tone for a select list of calling numbers.
You can screen incoming calls by creating a list of phone numbers from which you are willing to accept calls. The system directs calls from numbers not on your list to an announcement informing them that you are not receiving calls at this time.
You can create a list of phone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls. Calls from phone numbers on your list receive an announcement informing the caller that you are not receiving calls at this time.
Lets you store 8 or 30 frequently called numbers and place such calls by dialing one or two digit codes.
The Telemarketer Call Screening service intercepts calls delivered as “unknown” or “out of area” to the subscriber’s line. It plays an announcement informing callers that the party they have dialed does not accept calls from telemarketers and requests their name to be added to the telemarketer’s “Do Not Call” list. Importantly, the announcement allows callers who are not telemarketers, but whose calling number information is not provided, to “dial 1 or stay on the line” to complete this call.
Lets you add a third party to your existing conversation.
Allows you to inhibit features like Call Waiting and Operator Verification that target the line when it is busy. Voice Data Protection prevents data transmission errors usually caused by interruption tones associated with such intrusion features.
Allows you to automatically place a call to a preselected number without dialing (after a predetermined number of seconds).
Blocks calls to 900 prefix numbers.
Discount for more voice mail lines.