About WesTel Systems

Reliable technology from a company you can trust

WesTel Systems, a locally-based, family-owned business, dedicates itself to providing a variety of fiber internet, TV, and phone services to to communities across Iowa, such as Alton, Anita, Calumet, Cherokee Rural, Kingsley Rural, Marcus, Oyens, Quimby, Remsen, Sutherland, and Washta. Additionally, WesTel Systems extends its services to Nebraska, including the towns of  Hooper, Uehling, and Winslow.

Leading-edge Technology for a Worry-free Experience

Our commitment to delivering leading-edge technology stems from the trust our customers place in us. At WesTel, you can expect a worry-free experience, supported by continuous reinvestment in technology and our dedicated employees.

A Company You Can Proudly Support

We prioritize fostering a culture that both customers and employees can take pride in. Moreover, beyond our services, we actively support numerous local organizations, including schools, fire departments, sports teams, chambers of commerce, parks, and other non-profit organizations.

A Century of Family Legacy

Since W.H. Daubendiek acquired the original company, Remsen, Alton, Granville Telephone Company, incorporated in 1904, in 1926, WesTel Systems has grown and evolved into the trusted provider it is today, expanding its reach and offerings.

A Timeline of Growth and Innovation

  • In 1899, W.H. Daubendiek managed the telephone company.
  • In 1926, W.H. Daubendiek acquired the company, incorporating the towns of Remsen, Alton, and Oyens under the name West Iowa Telephone Company.
  • West Iowa Telephone Company added Marcus to its service area in 1926.
  • The company purchased Quimby from Farmers Telephone Company and added to the company’s service area in 1928.
  • Anita, Calumet, and Sutherland joined the company in 1931.
  • The company purchased Hooper Telephone in 1943, expanding its reach to include Hooper, Uehling, and Winslow.
  • Cable TV service was added to the offerings in 1995.
  • Internet services began in 1996.
  • The company introduced website hosting services in 1999.
  • In 2001, WesTel Systems was established, consolidating West Iowa Telephone, Hooper Telephone, and MidlandsNet under one brand.
  • WesTel pioneered services over Fiber to the Home technology in 2011.
  • In 2020, WesTel was recognized as a Smart Rural Community by NTCA and earned the Gig-Capable Provider distinction.
  • WesTel added Kingsley and Washta rural areas to its service network in 2023.

Continuing the Legacy

Throughout the years, five generations of the W.H. Daubendiek family have actively guided WesTel Systems toward a future marked by innovation and community service.