Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi is a wireless signal for your whole home supported by WesTel Systems!


The service will allow you to reach dead zones and handle more devices with ease. You don’t have to worry, we make sure it supports the latest devices, the fastest speeds, and helps to keep it secure.

Wireless router, installation, service, and support is provided.


Equipment Rental FREE

Managed Wi-Fi $12.95 per month*

*Residential customers with Ultra Internet will receive Managed Wi-Fi for FREE.

Extender $5.95 per month


Service Included:

Remote Support

Free Repair or Replacement of Equipment

Onsite Support

Mobile App will give you the ability to manage devices on your home network, including parental controls.

Download App Instructions Here

Installation includes up to 5 devices


Call us at 712-786-1181 to schedule the installation of Managed Wi-Fi in your home! Managed Wi-Fi will make your Internet worry-free so you can focus on other things.