Response to COVID-19 aka Coronavirus

March 18, 2020

As the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 pandemic is evolving, our leadership team is meeting regularly to respond.

We don’t want to unknowingly spread the virus to any of our customers. Our policies are made to protect you, our customers.

The following decisions have been made effective as of noon today.

The Remsen office will be CLOSED to walk-in-traffic. We ask that you use our outside drop box for payments. If you pay with cash, no change will be given, and the full cash amount will be credited to your account.

Additional Payment Options Include:

  • Pay Online at and click on My Bill
  • Automatic Bill Pay – sign up by calling (712) 786-1181 or filling out the form that is on our website under About – Forms.
  • Pay by Mail at P.O. Box 270 Remsen, IA 51050
  • Pay by Phone at (712) 786-1181 or (800) 352-0006
  • Please call if you need help using any of these options

On-Site Technical Support Suspended

  • WesTel employees are working Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will also have technicians on-call after hours
  • Our Help Desk is available 24-hours a day
    • Call (866) 937-8350
  • WesTel Systems staff will work with customers remotely
  • A technician may call you to offer additional help
  • We will no longer enter a customer’s home or business
  • If a customer needs equipment such as a TV set-top box or Managed Wi-Fi Router, we will deliver it to your front door
    • We will help with installation instructions over the phone
  • If the help desk decides that WesTel Systems needs to visit the customer’s location, we will check the connection on the outside of the building
  • TV troubles will be handled over the phone only
  • If you have a medical alert device or another Internet or Telephone connected health device, we MAY enter your home

Other Important Information

  • We will prioritize public services such as medical clinics and 911
  • We want to provide you with the most reliable technology available and make our services worry-free
  • To help alleviate the worry that may come with everyone being home right now, Data Overage Charges will be $0 for March and April if you remain on your current package or higher.
  • Please be mindful and monitor your usage. We only have a certain amount of bandwidth backhaul to the Internet. During this time, we are expecting higher demands on the bandwidth.